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>> shepard: we weren't able to get to the story on changes in mortgage rules. we'll do that tonight. and in addition, an update on the terrible shooting in taft high school, in california.
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a 16-year-old accused of targeting two other students, and the dows closing for the session, up above 78. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> what can honey teach harry? >> i want barbecue. and i want the rib. >> that's three. >> i got two sides. why can't i have the meat? >> because that's not how it works. >> neil: sick of these guys? boo-boos. don't call you know who. >> it is time to call the real boo-boo. >> i want to win money! i got to make me honey boo-boo. >> welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto.
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hardie and hanse, listen and learn. while you're going for broke, honey boob's mom is playing it safe, socking away all of her kids' cash in the trust found that cannot be touched until they turn 21. and in the meantime, clipping coupons and living off sugar bear's salary. sugar bear is honey boo-boo's dad in case you're wondering. she said, want my kids to lock back and say, mama played it mart. not like all those other reality tv people. >> not like all those reality tv people indeed. not about to risk her kid's future. that is what got star parker asking washington, why the heck are you risking ours? you know, i think this is the mayan moment we missed. it had nothing to do with the world blowing up, but boo-boo's mom figuring out the way. what say you? >> i say, isn't it interesting when it's your own money, when
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it's your children's future, you absolutely get a little bit of insight into what reality looks like. i believe that why congress can't get a handle on this is because they're not spending their own money. >> neil: you know, leaving aside what this mom has done with this child, and the fame of this child, if this isn't a great country, i don't know. if that alone doesn't prove it. everyone can succeed, trust me. everyone's 15 minutes will pop up. i cannot guarantee when. >> hers is more than 15 minutes. she has a second season. >> neil: the mom is actually doing this, and she is banking all of this dough, kids can't touch it until they're 21, and she is taking nothing for granted. we don't have any dough and they're still spending it like crazy in washington. what's going on? >> well, a couple of things. in the world there are restriction officers the parents
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to save for the children, so it's not totally that the mother's making this decision on her own. but that said, she does have available to her much more of the money than she seems to be penning. what i believe she knows, like most americans -- believe it or not most actors know -- they themselves are personally responsible for their future. what has happened in congress is not only are they pending our money but they dent want to be honest enough to say there are places they absolutely could cut back but don't want to hurt peoples' feelings so they won't let us know where the plays are, nor allow us to actually sit down like many american families do and say, we can't do this anymore. let's cut back a little bit right there. it's a party town here in washington. unfortunately. for the american people. i don't think we're going to see much get done. >> neil: all right. thank you very much. we just learned you were speaking that honey boo-boo has just replaced jack lew as the newly named treasury secretary. key you posted on that insight.
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mint a trillion dollar coin so congress can keep spending? i wasn't take this seriously nil heard this. >> a position on this trim dollar coin business? >> there is no plan b, there's no backup plan. >> a little evasive in your answer. are you -- trying to leave room or not? >> there's no substitute for congress extending the borrowing authority of the united states. >> this is an option, a viable -- >> i think the only option here, there is no backup plan. the only action is for congress to died job. >> will you rule it out. >> you can speculate about a lot of things. >> just rule it out. it's stupid. when the white house not ruling it out. add that to nancy pelosi who says the president could use a 14th amendment to hike the debt limit. >> i would do it in a second. but i'm not the president of the united states. >> neil: and your know honey
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boo-boo either. former colorado state treasurer says it's time to stop the schemes to start addressing the underlying spending that is the reason for these schemes. but we're not doing that. so what the heck is the deal here? >> well, neil, it feels more and more like these voices, these chorus of voices in washington are shouting into the wind. they rail on and on about spending. that's all people hear about. and all we're hearing about from the national media and from the folks in washington is, what the american taxpayer owes. what is owed to washington. and washington in turn owes money to this massive entitlement system that is growing faster than the taxpayer base. we're actually running out of people to tax, quite literally. and yet the conversation needs to be shifted, what is actually owed to the taxpayer? what is owed in terms of return on investment? to the american taxpayer? and i'll tell you what i think i owed. we're od transparency, owed accountability, and i think we're owed an ultimate sense of
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fairness as to how money is spent in washington, dc, that we're not getting right now. it's no wonder that americans feel so disenfranchised from the sometime. >> neil: what bothers me about the system is we're going through these elaborate and extensive hoops to avoid just cutting the spending. wouldn't have to come up with a trillion dollar coin or come up with using the 1st amendment to raise the debt limit if you would just address the underlying spending that creates the crisis in the first place. >> absolutely. we have a president in office, let's not forget, that turned down the recommendation of his own committee how to actually do that, and make the tough decisions on spending, and we just got a debt deal thathave a time of any sort of entitlement reform, and without attacking medicaid or attacking social security, you're not going to get the spending reductions we need to correct this. >> neil: would you among those considered to be sort of bomb throwers by advocating we risk
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shutting the government down? if we have not come up with a smart way to get spending under control? rather than increasing the debt ceiling, what would be for the 50th some odd time since world war ii? >> i think we have to do something drastic. just extending the credit card of the united states, past all reasonable levels, is not working. >> that's what i asked, doing something as drastic -- >> might take something drastic. >> neil: would youd advocate that? >> shut down the government to get people to stop spending, that dire, i say we have to stop pending. >> neil: thank you very much. maybe things are not this bad and we're not fixing things because the media says there's nothing to fix. just look at this. first time jobless claims higher, and this from the "associated press." more evidence of an economy that has grown increasingly stable. comes on the heels of this.
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obama scores another victory. hiring continues. 7.8%, a victory, increasingly stable? the media says w a problem at all. tucker, i mean, can't make this stuff up. >> to put it in some perspective, the president was elected the first time in 2008 because we were in a major economic crisis. of course headed into the recession, no end in sight. everyone felt we were in freefall, the unemployment rate in january 2009,, 7.8%. four years later after a trillion spent trying to boost the economy into vigor, 7.8%. and that's the official unemployment raid, which is a fraction of the actual unemployment rate. brake down even further, take the african-american unemployment rate? it's twice the white unemployment rate. this under a president who is -- has set a renewed commitment to civil rights, the justice
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department civil rights commission, and still this unemployment rate is a disastrous highs. imagine a republican in office staying down the barrel of a -- >> neil: we know that 7.8% isn't great and a jobless claims report like the one we got is hardly anything to whoop about. but i think it's a double ininto itment when the media glosses over that. and i don't kerr it's a democrat or republican in os. office. we didn't gloss over bad numbers or foolhardy -- when president bush was in office. what is good for the goose better be good for the began depth depressant see it from media's portrayal of what is at best a bumpy recovery. >> there are plenty of outrages that get ignored by the press in every administration because the press, above all, is shallow and dumb. so they just miss certain things. the effect of certain programs. but the unemployment rate is
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pretty easy extra track and we know what it was 50 years ago, and we can look through the continuum and know that by historyical standards it's high. you would have thought during the election, the last time when an incumbent president ran with unemployment this high was 1936. you didn't hear about this. i don't think the networks during the charlotte democratic convention used the word up employment one time. so i think the president is the beneficiary of every benefit of every doubt, and specifically on the unemployment rate, which would hurt any other president as far as i can tell. >> neil: tucker karlson, thank you very much. in the meantime, is this. [coughing] >> neil: is that a far cry from this? >> keep it going. come on, people, come on now. don't push. this is a containment area. >> incredibly important they
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[shouting] [shouting] >> neil: the flu has not reached a panic stage yet. but that doesn't meet the states aren't starting to worry that it might. massachusetts is now reporting at least 18 flu-related deaths this winter, and boston, already declaring a public health emergency. fox 2 has the latest from the boston medical center. hey, mol molly. >> there have been 700 people with the flu diagnosed here in boston. up a great deal over last year at this time when there were just 70 people diagnosed. so the authorities have gotten together in boston's mayor and the health officials and declared this a public health emergency and urging people to
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get flu shots and take precautions and they're hoping to kind of stop this in its tracks because it is an overloaded area hospitals. 18 deaths statewide, four deaths in boston. that compared to just one death here in the city last year. officials with the boston health commission also say this is a particularly tough strain of the flu. >> the type a h3 viruses are associated with more severe illness with influenza seasons that start earlier and they go on a little bit longer and involve more people. reporter: going to be tougher for folks who come down with the strain of the flu. the cdc saying the flu shot out and available right now here in the city of boston does cover that strain so they're encouraging people here in the city to go out and get that. it is a tough situation, particularly in some neighborhoods. roxbury, dorchester, areas that
1:17 pm
are predominantly minority populations and folks that are lower on the poverty line, which means they can less likely to take a day off work to get better and more likely to spread to coworkers. >> neil: so, why is this particular flu spreading so quickly? maybe it's not just one strain of flu. it could be your colleagues. they're still coming into work even when they're sick. employees are hesitant to call into work sick for fear of losing their job. dr. manning says, do not be an idiot. if you're sick, stay home. >> that's exactly what i say. how does the flu spread? through people. if you have people that do not take the flu shots you're basically becoming a -- it's not that the flu is -- it's around the air and everybody is breathing the same air. right now we have perhaps 50% compliance. and at the beginning of the show, showing the panic, you know where the panic is? hospitals. we have had emergency meetings in my hospital because we have
1:18 pm
to encourage everybody to take more flu shots. >> neil: not everyone takes the flu shot. >> 60 to 70% efficacy rate. there are -- >> that means that 30 to 40 temperature -- >> well, the argument is statistically is very good to take, this year is a perfect match -- >> what happens to the 30 or 40% for whom it doesn't help? >> they might get a milder case. they might still get a heavy case -- >> might be another strain over which this shot has no effect. >> could be another strain, and for the most part you have to go with the statistics and the statistics show this h3n2 influenza a is the perfect match that is seen more frequently in hospitals, been cultivated, and we know the flu vaccine, this particular season,ing very effective. the problem this is gigantic unexplainable myth for why people don't take the flu shot. they think they're going to get the flu, which is not true. this is a dead virus. they think they're going to -- i
1:19 pm
don't know -- stop walking, arms are going to blow up. >> neil: that is true. you get a shot, your eyes become popeyed. >> those are the -- >> neil: brush up on medical facts. >> there's no medical facts. i'm telling you. the affects are the facts -- >> neil: look, i saw the movie "outbreak." >> that's exactly my point. this is why we have to tell people, if you want to stop the flu season from happening, the way that it is developing, get the flu shot, still time. >> neil: a lot of folks are nervous, when we're not -- >> people do come into work, and when you look at the financial aspect of people, of companies, you're talking about billions of dollars most likely they're going to lose in productivity. it's a tremendous amount. i personally think that a lot of companies don't do a good job in bringing the flu vaccine to their workers or making -- >> neil: or put the fear of god in them. >> a lot of companies -- itch you start taking statistics -- i
1:20 pm
think this particular year -- if you're a company owner, take a statistic, find out how many of your employees took the flu shot and how many people call in sick for the flu and how much it calls you. >> neil: we have employees here. i say no matter what happens, get your butt into work. >> you're the spreader of flu. >> neil: i'm the spreader of many, many things. you might have a future in this whole medical thing. >> thank you, sir. >> neil: -- manny al -- alvarez. mr. president, look who your hollywood crowd is celebrating today. maybe time you start emulating? >> hi. i'm ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> the fate of human dignity in our hands. >> now, now, now. >> neil: give that man an oscar while your at it, give him 12. that's how many dame award nominations stephen steel berg's "lincoln" movie managed today. a president who surrounded himself with rivals not yes-men. it's easy to say cabinets are full of yes men but rarely are they full of those who directly challenge a president or, worse in the case of lincoln's cabinet, ran against him for president. why is that beneficial to have folks like that in a cabinet? >> well, often times it gives a very diverse sense of opinion. lincoln could draw from very different points of view.
1:25 pm
and really, lincoln became president when the republicans were a startup party. so he needed rivals within his own party just to solidify his presidency. and so sometimes a tie verse opinion can give a president many things to consider and then hopefully make the best decision in the long run. >> neil: this president started off, regardless of your opinions with hillary clinton, on the right foot by reaching out to a challenger to be such a prominent cabinet secretary. after that it went by the way side, folks say some of these latest choices, jack lew, particularly, sort of reconfirms the business as usual crowd. does that longer run with folks who want to see big changes or could these folks surprise us? >> well, i guess, they can surprise you. george w. bush brought in paul o'neill. he was favored by wall street and capitol hill to be his
1:26 pm
treasury secretary, and then later bush said he did not share his enthusiasm for tax cuts. and it's one thing to disagree with the president, but in neil's case he belittled the president and it got back to bush. so you have to give your opinion directly to the president. >> neil: with lincoln -- this its historical lore. >> he would have his cabinet out, and in that case they're forcing this amendment of abolishing slavery, he would slam his fiveses thon table and he could be temper tantrum abe. and the buck stops with the president. but the cabinet itself has to inspire, does it not? they have to stand out for who they are themselves, don't they? >> that's right. a cabinet member is often
1:27 pm
positioning himself to maybe run for president. so sometimes that rivalry happens and emerges, but a president is really best served by someone like ted sorensen. he was the antiyes man for kennedy. kennedy trusted him and he would give him the u and kennedy appreciated that. >> neil: i also think when you go outside the petri dish you can be richly rewarded. it needn't be is inly a businessman for treasurery or someone who fought in the trenches to be a defense secretary, as this designate has, but does help to have someone with practical knowledge of the field they're overseeing and what worries folks about jack lew, his academic credentials notwithstanding, he doesn't bring that experience to
1:28 pm
perhaps this most important of economic jobs. >> well, it certainly looks like jack lew is getting a promotion, and that may be part of the issue and the tension, and he has rubbed people the wrong way in washington. that's part of it, too. he is not the most easy going, likeable fellow so that's probably hurting him among those who are uncomfortable with his nomination. >> neil: do you think -- they would all say about john kennedy's cabinet, it was an ivy league crowd, novelty -- not that it prevented the bay of pigs, but that the more eclectic and different and high-browed you get, the more you try to aim for the cream of the crop, the better you'll be. do you agree with that? >> there's something to be said to that. kennedy brought in den rusk to be secretary of state. he thought would be bring diversity of potential but he didn't like rusk. he called him the lowest common
1:29 pm
denominate nor, and he was disappointed because it came out that rusk opposed the bay of pigs, and others within the cabinet didn't speak up against it. and what a difference it could have made if they had had the courage to say, mr. president, we don't think this is a good idea. and so sometimes that happens, too. even among the cream of the crop, you have to have courage and you have to have smarts. you need both. >> you have to risk losing your job to make a difference in your job. good job, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> neil: this guy might be the boss. a guy who is not taking his orders.
1:30 pm
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>> neil: all right. i think we discovered a trend here in the sector. american express, following up on dismal news out of morgan stanley, is cutting 5400 jobs, included in its largely travel business. going to take a $287 million charge, follows morgan stanley doing something similar, eliminating 1600 jobs and downscaling its business in the months ahead. we'll keep you posted. >> we as state have waited 72 days, seven times longer than the victims of hurricane katrina waited. >> they're so consumed with their own internal politics,
1:34 pm
that they have forgotten they have a job to do. there's only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims, the house majority and their speaker, john boehner. >> neil: well, you think you're mad right now. wait until you meet my next guest, because you thought you could bully him. another thing coming. part of the republican majority. voted against the initial sandy relief bill, said it was filled with pork and says if another bill comes up there equally filled with pork, he'll do it all over again. pushing amounts to make sure that doesn't happen. his name is tom mcclintock from california. you're willing to get chris christie's face. why? >> this is not a small amount of money. you're talking $50 billion. that comes to $450 from every household in the country. so that's what your family has at stake. $450. i think we're entitled to ask,
1:35 pm
is this all going to necessary emergency storm relief? you begin to look at what's in the bill before the house. there's two billion dollars for highway repairs anywhere in the country, including up to $20 million each for guam, american samoa, they're not in the same ocean as hurricane sandy. there's $16 billion to quintuple the amount we're spending on the community development block grant program. the slush fund that paid for such eshaken shall programs as a doggie day care center in ohio and a day at the circus in new york. they've got $111 million in that bill for weather satellites. now, explain to me how a weather satellite can be damaged we a hurricane? we may need more weather satellites or data but that's not storm relief. of that $50 billion in the bill
1:36 pm
pending before the house, only about $4 billion, even is expected to be spent this year. so, more than 90% of that isn't expected to be spent until next year at the earliest. that part needs to go into the normal appropriation process, where it-follow the normal scrutiny it's supposed to be given to spending bills. >> neil: the argument has always been, congressman, ya, ya, ya, we know this this way things happen in washington, they add on and throw in goodies. but get the money to us. what do you say to that? >> to politicians, like chris christie, who i'm sure believe they're doing right by their constituents by larding up an emergency relief bill with billions of dollars of pork. i'm sure they think they're doing the right thing for their constituents. but what they're really doing is undermining the support for the legitimate emergency relief -- >> neil: clarify. might not be him larding the bill up. might have some things that go beyond what he needs but
1:37 pm
couldn't it be many of your colleagues, democrat and republican, who are add something gifts to this in order to get it passed and in order to get their vote? >> i don't want to cast assertions -- >> neil: feel free. >> but by larding up the bill the way day have they're undermind support for the legitimate relief that is in there and those are the amends i and other of my colleagues will be offering to pare is walk to what is actually emergency relief for storm victims and not doing highway building in guam. >> neil: makes a good deal of sense. you're just trying to make sure the money gets to the right people. you're going to hear from chris christie, by the way. >> by the way, neil, talk about heartless. in dollarss disasters there's always shady people, are the politics doing anything different?
1:38 pm
>> neil: congress, thank you very much. to hear the democrats tell it they're protecting the met middle class but looking at their paycheck, the middle class ain't looking protected. up next, how to make the most. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >> preventing a middle class tax hike. >> middle class families well wake up today to the assures they're taxes won't go up. >> neil: i don't know about that. protecting the middle class? tell that to millions of americans who just saw their paycheck for the first time -- the average howhold paying an average of a thousand dollars more in taxes. dave ramsey on how to ease this thing. >> well, i think it's a political double speak out of washington, dc as usual. cnn, reporting report%
1:42 pm
of americans got their taxes raised with this little shenanigan they finished, and the headline is in increase in the payroll tax by 2%, and so everyone got that regardless of your tax bracket and. >> neil: when you see the shock of that -- a loud of people thought only the rich got hit and then this payroll tax was not renewed, and republicans and democrats agreed, not renewing it. they say i have less take home regardless. what do they do? >> i think one more time they feel like they got the shaft out of washington. people talking out of one side of their mouth and doing things out of the other side of their mouth. one more reason that congress and this administration continues to have dropping ratings with the public. as far also what you too physically and mechanically in your house, things you can control, is you have to be on the b word, be on the dreaded budget and have to absorb this extra milking that the
1:43 pm
government is giving -- >> neil: where the easiest areas to go after? you break down for a lot of the viewers, listeners, we all have certain things that we just waste a lot of money on. where do you immediately start reining in. >> when people get on the budget they spend a lot of money eating out and other miscellaneous lifestyle things like that. >> neil: what's wrong with eating out? i found that very odd you raised that first. >> nothing personal, neil. not a hint. unless you're buying. but anyway -- but the lifestyle issue is what we're talking about. it just takes -- when we take away some of our money, they take away our options, some of the things we're allowed to do, because money does equal freedom and liberty in a very real sense, and so you really do have to look some say, all right, we're going to do a little less
1:44 pm
travel-not going to make a trip to grandmother's house, have to think bet the mileage on the car. so you start looking where to trim back. usually it's not the grocery budget but it's in of the things that were a little more fluffy around the outside and eating out is one of those. >> so, you think about it, for a lot of folks, this payroll tax cut being taken away, means that their takehome pay could be impacted up to 20%. do you then tell folks you have to make up for that by cutting your spending 20%? >> well, sure, you have to you're not in congress. you have to live on less than you make. so you have to sit down and lay out a game plan here and figure out what we're going to do. truthly -- i was yelling people about this on twitter before the fiscal cliff fiscal cliff the only fiscal cliff you can control is yourself so as long others they play these shenanigans, it's incumbent more and more and more to have your
1:45 pm
emergency fund in place to be on a written budget to cut up the credit cards and get out of debt. so create wiggle room in your life because they haven't figured out how to do that in d.c. and they're going to keep coming for more of your money. >> well put. happy new year. dave ramsey. the surprise isn't that democrats insist the middle class avoided higher taxes, the surprise is the media keeps letting enemy they keep doing so, don't they? >> neil: something is wrong. i wasn't hearing you. we're going to get into this a little bit fix our -- hopefully fix her mic. the problem right now is you don't even know that this problem exists. the way it's been portrayed. when we come back, watch out, richard, because right now, you've got company. >> love you more than fried
1:46 pm
chicken. [applause] ..
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>> neil: back to katy who is mike wag controlled by the mainstream media. how the media tends to ignore the things going on in washington, namely, the middle class is getting off scot-free of the tax hikes when now they know otherwise. what do you think of that? >> right. the white house sent an e-mail yesterday to reporters saying, thank you for helping us not getting taxes raised on the middle class through our my 2k program. a twitter hash tag they used for people to say what they would do with $2,000. the media blew it up, said
1:50 pm
middle class families are going pay $2,000 more if we go over the fiscal cliff and don't get a deal, and here we are after the fiscal cliff, 77% of households are seeing an increase in taxes of an average of $1,600, and the media is nowhere to be found. >> neil: now, many in the media, including us -- not just us -- said that, look, the payroll tax cut is going away and you'll pay more but they weren't joined at the help. they said the big tax story is that the rich are going to pay more, some of them a lot more, but you were left out of this, when in fact by taking away the payroll tax cut everybody is going to be feeling something. >> the media -- not your show but the rest of the media dropped the ball in the sense they didn't really talk about this payroll tax -- >> like it was ancillary. >> just change that they weren't going to miss. but you have sites lime
1:51 pm, aggregating tweet about people asking why i miss paycheck less? one of the top google searches was, why is my paycheck less? why do i have less money, and people didn't see it coming and, now the main stream media, all about the middle class tax increase, aren't talking about the fact that 77% of middle class families have seen their taxes increase. >> i don't want to sound paranoid but between the media glossing over this story, talking about socioeconomic news as if it's good, i'm almost beginning to think there's an agenda here. >> i'm glad you brought that up. in the white house white e-mailt out yesterday, they said reporters are writing about your my 2k stories on twitter. they're talking about how you would miss that money. and so the white house knows they can use the media to promote their agenda, and when the white house sends out an
1:52 pm
e-mail saying thank you for allowing to us keep middle class tax increases down, the media is not reporting that because they automatically go with taxes haven't been increased on the middle class, even though the opposite is true. >> cue imagine if it were the other way around and we got thank you letters from the prior white house commending blah, blah, blah. katy, thank you very much. >> in the meantime, well, if you're like me, at the gym -- okay, let's get real -- it takes a lot to look this good, but i digress. if you are like me at the gym, you can get a little intimidated by people who tend to look not only like me but like this. that's why my next guest created a specialized gym for members who are at least 50 pounds overweight. not people like me. but it's called downsize fitness. frances, good to have you.
1:53 pm
why this crowd? >> a personal thing. i'm overweight. i'm a trader and i sit around the desk all day and i need a place for me to go and feel comfortable working out. >> neil: you don't with those who are just mildly overweight? >> i'm 100 pounds overweight. i was 160 pounds overweight when i started the gym, and i've never felt -- always felt i was being stared at or that if i can't finish a couple minutes on the treadmill, i'm being judged for what i have allowed myself to become. >> neil: a lot of people you sign up who have come to gym feel the same way, it's like a place for them? >> yeah. we have had a great turnout. he have been open 15 months. we have on facebook tons of messages of people asking to us open one in their city, and we have locations in chicago and dallas, and the people are coming in, especially guys that are three or four hundred
1:54 pm
pounds, women who are 250, heat going to gym and working around women who are 100-pounds and rung five minute miles on the treadmill next to them. >> neil: how do you judge whether someone is fat enough to join you? do you literally do a bmi on them or weigh them? >> we have a 50-pound requirement. you need to be 50 pounds overweight, but in general we feel you think you have 50-pounds to lose, you fit into our gym. we're not strict on it. but you know if you're 50-pounds overeight weight or not. >> neil: late say your 49. can i join? >> yes, you can. we don't -- >> neil: i just made that up. >> we don't kick people out after they lose the weight. the joining requirement but we want them to lose the weight, stay is a mentors and be examples of what can happen if you follow nutrition plan,
1:55 pm
exercises that some people aren't used to doing at all. >> good for you, francis. you're doing a lot of good continued success on your own. all right. when we come back, the oscar for most boring, insignificant, re-tread cabinet pick goes to... not lincoln. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. . erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing.
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this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you. ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit.
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with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process --
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1:59 pm
glow saying that another president adds not so memorable addition of what is a cabinet of retreads. that is not to say jack lew doesn't fit in the treasury secretary box. i just thought now might be a good time for the president to pull a clin con and think outside the box -- pull a lincoln and think outside the box. not with another predictablebe yes man who will continue to do the president's bidding but an outside businessman who might threate challenge the president's thinking. lincoln dared to break from the comfort zone picking a cabinet that might make lesser leaders feel well, not so comfortable. but it didn't make lincoln any less a leader from the folks who challenge him, it made hit more of one. it seemed sad that this day a movie that heralded that president is found so significant that our latest president adds to a cabinet that increasingly seems so insignificant. but hope
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